Whole Black Truffle preserved
Whole Black Truffle preserved
Whole Black Truffle preserved
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Whole Black Truffle preserved

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  • Made by Laumont
  • 100% melanosporum black truffle
  • First black truffle cooking
  • Extra quality black truffle
  • Backed by the international food safety seal IFS Food
  • Free from preservatives and conservatives

Product description

The whole black truffle is preserved in its own juice and salt in a beautiful glass jar. It is obtained from the first cooking of fresh truffle. This means that it is cooked only once, to retain all its flavour. And although its taste and aroma aren't the same as a fresh truffle, it's the best way to have truffle all year round. The black truffle season only runs from December to March.

Preserved truffle is made from high quality truffle that we carefully select, handle and pack in our mushroom and truffle centres.

Whole preserved truffles let you grate, blend, slice and even cook them at an affordable price. And once you've drained it, the remaining brine is like a salty umami, which can also be used for soups and sauces.

Chefs say that buying preserved black truffle is a great way to use it at home. And it comes with the advantage that you can experience the truffle by cooking it, in fact it is ESSENTIAL to cook it to awaken its flavour, unlike fresh truffle, which can only be grated on dishes. A fantastic product!

These whole black truffles come from Spain and are harvested in holm oak forests at an altitude of 500 to 1,000 metres.

Whole black truffle uses

How should I use it?

Grated: Cut the whole truffle into thin slices with a mandoline and put on toast, or spread it along with butter, adding coarse salt and a little truffle oil and you're done.

Sliced: Use the slices as a garnish, on, for example, sunny-side eggs.

Cooked: Excellent for use as truffle sauce: grate the truffle (don’t slice it) and reduce with heavy cream. Cook meat in the oven with pieces of preserved black truffle inside. It's always better to slice fresh truffle as it has more consistency.

Mixed: It mixes brilliantly with fatty ingredients: foie gras, butter, cream and oils.

Advice from the chef, who repeated it to us twice: GRATING IT IS ESSENTIAL. ALL PRESERVED TRUFFLE SHOULD BE GRATED.

It also goes well with cheese.

Product details


Tuber Melanosporum, Tuber Melanosporum juice and salt.

Shelf life and storage:

Once opened, keep refrigerated for 5 days. Unopened: Long-lasting, 36 months.

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