How to preserve fresh truffle

How to preserve fresh truffles

The fresh truffle is one of the most select and prized products of haute cuisine. Its delicate preservation makes it a food that should be consumed quickly, never exceeding 5 days in the fridge or a year if kept in the freezer. This is why, logistically, it is essential to always guarantee that the truffle has been recently extracted from the ground.

The fresh storage time can vary depending on the variety of truffle. White truffles and black truffles are very perishable products, whereas summer truffles have a slightly longer shelf life.

Methods of preservation

They should be consumed within a maximum period of 5 days, being kept in the fridge and in a glass container. The refrigeration temperature should be between 2ºC and 4ºC. In specific cases, rice can be put inside the container, so it will absorb the humidity and the conservation period will be longer.

Another method of preservation is to use an airtight container (not made of plastic) or an earthenware container with absorbent paper or a slightly damp cloth.

A more laborious method of preservation would be to soak it in a variety of mild vinegar such as apple cider vinegar, brandy, dry sherry or sunflower oil. In this way, the truffle will last much longer when fresh. It should be noted that, with time, it will eventually lose its own aroma and take on the aroma of vinegar.

Can truffles be frozen?

The best way to preserve truffles for a long period of time would be to freeze it. The best way to ensure that it does not lose its properties would be to wrap it in cling film. It is important to make sure that the truffle does not breathe, otherwise it will lose its aroma. When you need to use it, you should only remove the desired amount, thus avoiding the rest from defrosting.

By following these conservation tips, you will be able to enjoy this marvellous product with complete peace of mind.

How to preserve fresh truffles
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