What do truffles taste like?

What do truffles taste like?

The truffle has some characteristics that make it really special compared to any other food we know. There are many qualities that stand out and make it so attractive to our palate. One of them is the explosion of flavour that it gives us when it comes into contact with our taste buds. But... What do truffles taste like?

It is not easy to give a clear answer about the truffle taste. The essence of a truffle is nature, the forest, the humidity of the earth... and many experts define the aroma and flavour of a truffle with these words. Although we may also be able to feel not so abstract concepts depending on the type of truffle we have in front of us.

What is the flavour of the black truffle?

The season of the black truffle (or tuber melanosporum) in our country is from November to March. Only during these months we can find fresh black truffle melanosporum. When it is freshly harvested, its aroma and flavour reach their peak. This is when you can buy black truffles from Laumont, which will be available to be delivered as quickly as possible to our customers.

The black truffle flavour is noted for its intense aroma and delicious, slightly bitter taste. It has been proven to contain more than 50 aromatic compounds, which when mixed together create a very charismatic smell. Although it may come as a surprise, within this group of compounds we find everything from fruity details (such as banana or strawberry) to more conventional foods such as butter, as well as more natural aromas such as those of the olive tree.

All these characteristics combined to achieve the special flavour of a black truffle, which can also resemble some nuts, such as hazelnuts or walnuts.

What do summer truffles taste like?

During the summer months we are lucky to have summer truffles (or tuber aestivum). It has many similarities with the taste of the black truffle, although its flavour is less intense. Its main difference with respect to the Tuber Melanosporum, the black truffle, lies in its cream-coloured interior. Its flavour is more reminiscent of foods such as hazelnuts, almonds, cabbage or butter.

What does the white truffle taste like?

Considered the most select truffle in the world, the white truffle (or tuber magnatum) owes its prestige to its scarce and short availability, as it grows wild from the end of September to the end of December. The flavour of the white truffle can remind us of foods as different as cheese or garlic.

Truffle taste: a very special flavor

Almond, butter, garlic, fruit... the truffle flavor is so special that it is difficult to define. Everyone feels different sensations when tasting truffles, and this is precisely what makes truffles such a special food.

It is said that the truffle is umami, a taste that goes beyond what we are used to describe: salty, sweet, bitter and sour. Tasting a fresh truffle is something that goes beyond what we know, it provokes a sensation that no other food gives us.

This is why we love it so much.

For its mystery, its magic, its aroma and its flavour.

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